Our mission is to spay/neuter stray animals to control overpopulation.

We are a 501C3 non-profit registered in the state of Florida. EIN: 88-1259311.  Your donations are 100% are tax-deductible.

We help animals in Colombia. With an estimated 350,000 street dogs and cats in Bogota, Colombia; our goal is to spay and neuter street animals and pets of low-income families to avoid abandonment and animal abuse.

The foundation picks up dogs and cats from the street, spays and neuters them, intending to give them up for adoption or return them to their owners.

In specific neighborhoods in Bogota, residents let their dogs roam free on the street during the day and let them in at night time. This habit causes terrible consequences for the community as female dogs get pregnant, and animal feces are everywhere.

La Huella Roja works to prevent the abandonment, abuse, and overpopulation of cats and dogs Colombia. We rescue dogs to spay or neuter and rehome or return to their owners. We also offer low-cost vaccination and deworming services for cats and dogs, and we educate communities about the benefits of spaying and neutering domestic animals. 

We have been able to help stray animals and low-income communities thanks to donations from generous and caring animal lovers like you. Please help us to continue to keep our dream alive. Donate today

We have changed the lives of thousands of dogs and cats.

Today the Huella Roja is an organization that
offers sterilization, vaccinations, and deworming to stray dogs
and pets of low-income families in Colombia. Take a look at our success stories to see our work in thelink below:


Alirio Pulido learned at an early age how dogs and cats died in different ways on the streets of Ciudad Bolivar, a borough of Bogota, Colombia. His family moved there when he was eight. In Ciudad Bolivar, residents drowned, hanged, and killed their pets and stray animals with machetes. This animal cruelty might have happened due to the overpopulation of dogs. Also, some pet owners did not have the means to take their pets to a vet. In addition, when new puppies were born, many ended up homeless. Therefore, the foundation has focused on spaying and neutering stray dogs and cats.


When Alirio Pulido was 14, his pet Creole became sick with the mange. Pulido sought a solution. He could not afford to take his dog to a veterinarian, so he treated the dog himself.
Pulido cured his dog and learned his passion for helping dogs.
Years later, on July 7, 2004, the Huella Roja Foundation was founded by Pulido to help abandoned dogs and cats, offering them a home where we provided them with love and comfort. He started with 20 rescued animals.

Unfortunately, after a couple of years, the area that we borrowed was needed, and we had to give it back as we did not have a way to get resources to pay for it.
However, our dream is to have a mobile pet clinic to travel across Colombia spaying and neutering stray animals. Moreover, we would like to educate communities across the country about the importance of stopping the overpopulation of stray animals through spaying and neutering.

The Huella Roja Foundation also works against the abuse of stray dogs and cats. We educate the community about the animal rights duties of humans with their pets and abandoned animals. We also conduct training workshops on animal care in schools and districts.


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