Humane Education


We also serve the community by educating them to respect animals.

Homeless animals have no choice but to look for food in the trash. However, they should not be hurt when they come looking for food. Instead, the community needs to help them. The community needs to be aware that animals and pets have emotions and needs. Also, many dog owners and residents are not aware of spaying and neutering. They just let their dogs have puppies and give them away or toss them in the trash. In addition, when puppies grow, some pet owners do not want them anymore and abandon them.

Our goal with these education classes is to teach families, especially young kids, to respect and love animals from a young age. They need to understand that they deserve the same respect as human beings. We also teach children and families the importance of having a pet in their homes. Pets help us to overcome many emotional challenges that we take for granted. We want adults to understand that spaying and neutering animals are responsibilities pet owners take on when they decide to share their lives with them.

We also teach families that a dog or a cat becomes a family member, and they would suffer very much if their family left them behind tied to a post or left in the woods. We want to make everybody understand that dogs and cats are lovely. Living with a pet is very joyful and creates many positive memories as they give you a lot of company and always want to go where you go.

We understand that not everyone is an animal lover. Still, we also want to make everyone aware that every animal, whether a clean puppy or a homeless puppy, needs to eat and be loved.

We focus on showing the community the spaying and neutering benefits:

Reduces the number of animals in the streets and its terrible consequences.

Evade diseases such as mammary tumors, prostate growth, and uterine infections.

Avoid unwanted pregnancies.

End to female dogs in heat or males marking their territory and looking for females.

Improves the health and quality of life of the animal

Adopt a pet and save a homeless animal