We are profoundly particular about who can adopt the animals we have for adoption. After an animal has gone through an abandonment process, it is essential that we place it in a home where it will be happy and loved until the end of its life. Whether they become sick or old, we still need to be with them as they depend on us to live, and being separated from their families would be a tragic event for pets.

Applicants need to fill in an adoption form and interview with Alirio, the director and founder of the Huella Roja Foundation.

Unfortunately, adoption is not an option for all the animals that come to this foundation.
Many people wonder what would happen to animals waiting to be adopted at a foster home and who cannot get adopted for a specific reason.

Alirio Pulido answered: “If the puppy is with us, it stays until the last day of its life. For example, I have a twelve-year-old dog that no one wanted to adopt, and we are not going to deny it a home or put it to sleep like other foundations that have this measure as a way out. Euthanization would be only an option when an animal suffers, and there is no method to help it. There are animals that we do not foster at home because it is not their natural habitat, and some die of moral sorrow and depression, so the best thing is that they are retaken to the streets and put in the care of people of the community.”

Colombians usually tend to adopt puppies or small purebred dogs.

We seek to promote responsible ownership of pets and demonstrate the value of mixed-breed dogs and cats in people’s lives and society. Mixed-breed dogs have many favorable characteristics. For example, they live longer, are very intelligent, and are healthier than purebred dogs because when you cross several breeds in any animal, what you achieve is something called ‘hybrid vigor’, (El Tiempo, 2022) an animal will have better genes since crosses between different species occur, the dominant alleles are selected, which bring the best information genetics of each organism and this shows in the best of each breed”, explains our volunteer veterinarian of the Huella Roja Foundation Dr. Gavilanes

Purebred dogs from farms and pedigrees are crossed with those of the same species to preserve the phenotype or characteristics that distinguish them. On the other hand, mixed-breed dogs are constantly crossed with different breeds, causing that hybrid vigor to occur naturally. In addition, due to the life, they have led on the street, since their ancestors, they have developed different skills, which makes them more clever and healthier.”

According to Dr. Gavilanes, “It is clear that in the street, the strongest survive and the strongest reproduce. These puppies have survived adverse environments, hungry, exposed to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. They go down the street and know how to cross it; they climb bridges, they are more warriors. All of this makes them learn quickly, developmental skills and get sick less”, When stray animals are adopted, they are very appreciative. They always show love for their family members and favorite people. They become attached to the people who rescued them after experiencing abandonment. When you adopt a stray dog, it is easy for them to acquire habits such as going out to relieve themselves and eating at a specific time.


We have a form that needs to be submitted by local people, and an interview needs to be conducted by Alirio (Director and founder) before adopting a pet.

To bring dogs and cats to the USA, please refer to this page:

Tons of pets get lost day after day due to certain habits pet owners need to correct. They should always have their dogs on a leash. Some residents let their dogs loose all day and expect them to come to eat and sleep usually at night time. On the street, there is a lot of danger that animals are exposed to (unwanted pregnancies, dog fights, etc). Some dog owners train their pets to go to the bathroom at their patio. However, these dogs see the main entrance door open and rush to escape as they are eager to go outside. They are never taken out as they go to the bathroom inside.

During our humane classes, we also teach the community the importance of microchiping their pets and a collar tag collar with their information in case they get lost.

If you see your pet on our website, please call the number on the ad or text via WhatsApp at +57 314 293 0088