Why Spay & Neuter

Why you should spay or neuter a pet?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.One of the kindest things you can do for your own pets and stray animals is to have them spayed or neutered. It can help them live longer, healthier lives, eliminate unwanted behaviors, and prevent animal overpopulation. Here are 6 excellent reasons to sponsor a spay/neuter surgery for stray animals.


Prevent the birth of thousands of unwanted pets who will suffer. Bogotá, Colombia currently has at least 350,000 stray cats and dogs roaming its streets. Without homes, vaccinations, or spay or neuter surgeries, these animals will suffer from hunger, diseases, injuries, infections, and possibly cruelty. They will also reproduce, creating thousands of unwanted animals


Help pets and stray animals live longer. Studies show that spayed or neutered dogs can live 13.8%-26.3% longer, while spayed or neutered cats can live 39%-62% longer.


Prevent the development of certain diseases. Spaying female pets and stray animals can help to prevent serious diseases like uterine infections, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. In males, this reduces the risk of prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate gland) and testicular cancer. Altering your pet also helps to reduce breeding-related stress.


Improve unwanted pet behaviors. Spaying female cats and dogs prevents them from going into heat cycles during breeding season, which eliminates nuisance behaviors like excessive crying and inappropriate urinating. Neutering male animals can help to reduce aggression and unwanted mating behaviors. 


Save time and money. If your female pet gives birth to a litter of kittens or puppies, the only humane options are to care for them yourself or find good homes for each of them. If you spay or neuter your pet, you’ll save time and money by preventing unwanted litters.


Help keep your pet safe. Altering your pet reduces their urge to roam your neighborhood looking for a mate, which also lowers the chance of them getting in a fight, getting lost, or getting injured in an accident. Your pet will be more likely to stay safe at home, and neighborhood strays will be less at risk as well.


In addition to spaying or neutering your own pets and strays, you can help prevent the overpopulation and suffering of unwanted animals by supporting local pet welfare organizations like La Huella Roja.


La Huella Roja works to prevent the abandonment, abuse, and overpopulation of cats and dogs in Bogotá, Ciudad Bolívar, and Soacha. We travel throughout these areas rescuing dogs to spay or neuter and rehome or return to their owners. Contact us to learn more about our goals and services, and consider sponsoring a spay/neuter surgery for a stray animal. 


We have been able to help stray animals and low-income communities thanks to donations from generous and caring animal lovers like you. Please help us to continue to keep our dream alive. Donate today!



Spaying and neutering are services we offer to low-income neighborhoods in Bogota, Ciudad Bolivar, y Soacha. We schedule days where we have events, and we can offer affordable prices as we have veterinarians who volunteer for us. Dog owners only pay for the medication needed to undergo surgery. However, it is a lot of effort to organize spay-neuter events since we do not have a designated facility to perform the surgeries; as we mentioned before, we also get stray dogs and cats to spay-neuter.

Therefore, we need to borrow a place for these homeless animals to do surgeries, have veterinarians volunteer to operate, and get medical supplies from money that local people or pharmacies have donated. We also need to let the animals who don’t have a home spend the night watching them. Fortunately, many people come together for these events. All these efforts are lowering the overpopulation of stray animals.

We would like to have our facilities to serve our animals and low-income pet owners and also be able to pay veterinarians for their time so that we can have spay-neuter events more often for animals in need. We are so grateful we find people with great hearts like yourself reading this website who are willing to help with donations.

Adopt a pet and save a homeless animal

How do we finance these services?

These free campaigns, which take place in Bogota, Ciudad Bolivar, and Soacha, are financed by donations. Even though Soacha and Ciudad Bolivar are generally low-income, we still find angels who help us. We are very fortunate to have many animal lovers who want our community to respect stray animals and pets. As we all know, some dog owners also neglect their pets and think that they are just animals. These donations come from local people. However, we do not count on any grants or get help from the government or other entities. It would be great for a foundation to be sponsored by more individuals and enterprises to help animals in distress better.