Vaccines are possible when the resources allow us to distribute the rabies vaccine to pets and stray animals; we also deworm cats and dogs in the community.

We do not want a scared dog to bite a person and infect them if the dog has the rabies virus. In addition, we do not need a group of dogs to get infected.

Stray dogs are victims of dog attacks; they fight for food, and playtime turns into hostility. They get hurt or can get infected with other dog’s viruses.

Adopt a pet and save a homeless animal

How do we finance these services?

These free campaigns, which take place in Bogota, Ciudad Bolivar, and Soacha, are financed by donations. Even though Soacha and Ciudad Bolivar are generally low-income, we still find angels who help us. We are very fortunate to have many animal lovers who want our community to respect stray animals and pets. As we all know, some dog owners also neglect their pets and think that they are just animals. These donations come from local people. However, we do not count on any grants or get help from the government or other entities. It would be great for a foundation to be sponsored by more individuals and enterprises to help animals in distress better.