Why You Should Sponsor a Stray Dog or Cat

Colombia has a big stray pet problem: it currently has over 4 million stray dogs and a significant number of stray cats. Many of these animals have excellent potential as pets, but will first need shelter, medical care, and the chance to find the right human companion. Fortunately, no matter where you live, you can help to save animals in need by sponsoring a stray dog or cat at a Colombian animal welfare organization. Here are some excellent reasons to sponsor an animal.

  • Give a cat or dog the food and shelter they need, even if you can’t adopt them. Your sponsorship can rescue a dog or cat from a life of malnutrition, disease, injury, and cruelty—even if you can’t adopt the animal yourself. Sponsoring a stray helps to pay for food and a safe place to sleep, and connects them with people who can give them a brighter future.
  • Provide life-saving veterinary care. Stray cats and dogs often suffer from skin, eye, and ear conditions, infections, injuries, parasites, and serious illnesses. Sponsorships help to pay for life-saving medical treatments such as vaccines, parasite control, and medication, as well as essential diagnostic tools.  
  • Reduce the overpopulation of unwanted pets. Sponsoring stray animals also helps to pay for their spay or neuter surgeries. Spaying or neutering cats and dogs prevents future litter of homeless puppies and kittens. Doing so also gives the sterilized animal a longer, healthier life with less tendency to roam, which helps keep them safe from injury.
  • Educate your community about the humane treatment of animals. The best way to save current and future stray animals is to educate communities about the benefits of spaying and neutering, vaccines, and other forms of humane pet care. Sponsoring a dog or cat not only provides care for that animal, but helps pet welfare groups reach the widest possible audience with this information.

Sponsor Stray Pets in Colombia With La Huella Roja

La Huella Roja works to prevent the abandonment, abuse, and overpopulation of cats and dogs in Bogotá, Ciudad Bolívar, and Soacha. We travel throughout these areas rescuing dogs to spay or neuter and rehome or return to their owners.

We have been able to help stray animals and low-income communities thanks to donations from generous and caring animal lovers like you. Please help us to continue to keep our dream alive. Sponsor a spay or neuter surgery. Donate today!